The key to moving on from the pain and loss is awareness and understanding  

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0800 728 470 (just in NZ)

N.B. The landline number is disconnected as of December 2017. If in NZ ring the 0800 number or email us, if overseas please use the email contact address.





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Postal Address:

PO Box 1557,
Christchurch 8040
New Zealand

To make a donation:

Download the FRIENDS / Donor Form or make a donation on-line to account number 03 1592 0130232 00 with your name as a reference.
Donations over $5 are tax deductible with a receipt.

Prayer Network

We have a lovely network of people who pray for the needs of P.A.T.H.S. We send out an email to our prayer friends (usually monthly) with a brief update and a number of prayer intentions. This is really encouraging and uplifting for us all involved in the work of P.A.T.H.S.

It you would like to join our Prayer Network email Averil at admin@postabortionpaths.org.nz

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