The key to moving on from the pain and loss is awareness and understanding  

  Connect With A Counsellor 

Seeking help can feel hard. Making contact is the first step.

You can link directly with a counsellor on the weblist below

When you choose a counsellor, you will engage with that counsellor in their own private practice, so all negotiations and aspects of your needs can be discussed with your counsellor.

You may or may not have had counselling before. If you have your previous experiences may colour how you feel reaching out for help now. If you haven’t had counselling before then this can feel like a huge step. Talk about how you are feeling about coming for counselling with your counsellor.

This weblist provides information about the location of different counsellors, their professional affiliation and a bit about them, contact details, availability of counselling or online support and fees.

Counsellor Locations


Avrael Semple


I have trained in the psychospiritual approach of Psychosynthesis and have been working as a counsellor since 2007. I am completing my Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy and feel the connection of mind/body to be pivotal to our overall wellbeing. Before becoming a therapist I worked as a nurse in Women’s health, Oncology and Palliative Care for over 15 years.

I firmly believe that we all need some professional support to assist us at times in the busy stressful lives that we lead to learn skills and tools that can support our future growth and development.

I work with a mind/body approach as I do not believe that we can fully heal unless we attend t the information or trauma that we hold in our body.

Work location: Ferrymead, Christchurch
Phone: 021 432 086
Email: avrael6@gmail.com
Website: www.avraelsemple.com
Online counselling available: Yes
Fees: $100 negotiable and WINZ Disabiliy Allowance where applicable

Carolina Gnad


I offer a person-centred holistic integrative approach to counselling, as well as offer journeying through a 14 Guidepost Recovery Programme

Work location: Hoon Hay, Christchurch
Phone: 021 299 1716
Email: carognad@gmail.com
Online counselling available: Yes
Fees: $60 per 50 minutes

Chrissie Burrow


I have been counselling for over a decade and have a holistic approach to best support clients' needs.

Work location: 285 Wilsons Rd, Waltham, Christchurch
Phone: 022 399 6526
Email: free2be.nz@outlook.com
Website: www.free2becounselling.co.nz
Online counselling available: Yes
Fees: $60 negotiable (for P.A.T.H.S. clients only)

Maree Stace


Person-centred and relational approach.

Work location: Rangiora, and St Albans in Christchurch
Phone: 022 313 0259
Email: tuicounsellingservices@gmail.com
Website: -
Online counselling available: No
Fees: $70

Jocelyn Chapman


I offer the safe, empathetic, non-judgmental approach of Person-Centred Counselling, CBT and Creative therapies, to empower clients to work through the challenges in their lives, at their own pace.

I have 5 years experience working with adults and youth with a wide range of issues.

Work location: Central City, Christchurch
Phone: 021 995 610
Email: jocelynchapmancounselling@gmail.com
Online counselling available: No
Fees: $60 negotiable.


Vic Turner (L'Est Equine Retreat)

Counsellor - provisional NZAC

Qualified person-centred counsellor and Eagala mental health specialist

Work location: Hickory Bay Rd, Akaroa
Phone: (03) 304 8442
Email: lestequineretreat@gmail.com
Online counselling available: Yes
Fees: Koha


See Greenstone Doors


Karen Hart


I am a school guidance counsellor and an ACC counsellor for sensitive claims. Most of my work is based around mindfulness and trauma healing but I have an eclectic approach to fit with many different client needs. I have mostly worked with youth but am happy to see anyone.

Work location: Karamu High and Directions Youth Health Centre, Napier
Phone: 021 206 5939
Email: mzhart@xtra.co.nz
Online counselling available: No
Fees: $40 or koha.

Lynda Chisholm


My approach is primarily client centred. I will respect your beliefs, values and views, and cultural differences, and you can be assured of a non-judgemental listening ear. Through the counselling process I can offer you hope and encouragement to deal with your issues and help you to make any changes you would like in your life.

Work location: Newlands, Wellington
Phone: 021 234 8759
Email: lynda@lyndachisholm.nz
Website: www.lyndachisholm.nz
Online counselling available: Yes
Fees: $50 – negotiable.


Veita Harding

Provisional NZCCA, ACC registered

I hold a Degree in Counselling from vision College – Person Centred Approach. I have also intergrated Compassion Therapy and Attachment focused Therapy. Experience of Postnatal Distress with a lack of support and resources helps me to understand how women are often isolated, undersupported and missinformed during vulnerable times. My hope it to help support women and families in creating happy and fullfilling lives.

Work location: Raglan – Raglan Plunket Rooms or Hamilton – Hamilton Plunket Rooms
Phone: 021 110 3423
Email: veita@icloud.com
Online counselling available: No
Fees: $80 per session negotiable.


Jane Chester

NZCCA (2793), dapaanz (169)

Clinical supervisor , counsellor and celebrant.

Approach is Client Centred with the use of different Modalities. IDT, Reality Therapy, CBT,

12 Step Discovery - Empowerment - Celebration.

Special interests: addiction, grief, post abortion, group facilitation, migration, spiritual growth and, creative therapies.

Work location: North Shore, Auckland
Phone: 027 447 8965
Online counselling available: Yes
Fees: Sliding scale - negotiable.

Marina Young

Buttons Project – Towards healing from abortion

Through my own abortion experience and healing journey, I have a passion to help others in their journey and bring hope in their lives. To see the twinkle come back to their eyes and be restored.

I am the founder of the Buttons Project. I also have my National Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions and worked in the field for 7 years, plus I have done some community papers.

I still do some contract work with Skylight Trust, training facilitators for the Waves Bereaved by Suicide programme.

I have done Carolina’s PATHS training as well and have her manual for support groups. As well as facilitating the Living in Colour Post Abortion Recovery Programme.

Work location: North Shore, Auckland
Phone: 027 655 6325
Email: marina@buttonsproject.org
Website: www.buttonsproject.org
Online counselling available: Yes
Fees: Donation to Buttons – we are a not-for-profit organisation and have a Charitable Status.

Denise Kuek


I use a client-centred approach and integrate into sessions elements from a number of other approaches.
I also use action methods, drawing and writing.

Work location: Highland Park Community House, Auckland
Email: denisek@awayforward.co.nz
Website: www.awayforward.co.nz
Phone: 021 296 1746
Online counselling available: Yes
Fees: $60 - $80 (depending on income) for P.A.T.H.S. clients.

Val McCullough

Master of Counselling, Provisional member NZAC

My approach is eclectic and includes client centred, strengths-based therapies and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
These approaches are supported with sand tray, art therapy and symbol work.

Work location: Youthline Community Centre, 145 St George St, Papatoetoe
Phone: 021 221 7671
Email: twohalves58@gmail.com
Website: journeyscounselling.co.nz
Online counselling available: No
Fees: $45 for P.A.T.H.S. clients.

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