The key to moving on from the pain and loss is awareness and understanding  

  Mission - Philosophy - History 

Mission Statement

To offer hope for the hurting, healing facilitation, education and outreach in the post-abortion area


P.A.T.H.S. is an independent, non-political, non-denominational organisation which is committed to upholding Christian values and attitudes including respect for the dignity and worth of all persons from their earliest beginnings, and all those involved in an abortion scenario.

P.A.T.H.S. is committed to being available to all those who need assistance after abortion offering help within the parameters of its service.

Core values of compassion, empathy, integrity, authenticity, unconditional acceptance, non-judgement, trust apply to those involved in the work of P.A.T.H.S. and the service being provided. P.A.T.H.S. also embraces the dual partnership principle of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


The P.A.T.H.S. Charitable Trust was constituted in December 1997. The original Trust comprised Carolina Gnad, Jan Brodie and Phil Gnad who set up the organisation with the assistance of a few other volunteers. The Frimley Foundation and Springhill Charitable Trust provided a setting up grant, rooms were sourced and other practical aspects of birthing a new organisation happened. We adopted and adapted a 10 step healing programme from Victims of Choice in the United States and the counselling service began.

It became apparent that the sensitive and contentious nature of the issue prevented people, churches or even health professionals from responding or supporting the work. We also realised that the taboo talking around the issues made it difficult for people to reach out for help. Our focus shifted then into provision of information, raising awareness around the reality and experiences of abortion loss and trauma for those affected, and education and training around post abortion issues and healing facilitation.

We developed a base of regular donors, but after the first six years funding was difficult and we lost our premises. After a crisis meeting more people stepped up and became involved and for the first time our Trust was able to operate separately from the Team. In the following eight years the organisation grew and changed with a range of services and training, and a wide network of interest and support.

In more recent times the original Trust members withdrew and others filled the breach, and the organisation moved to paid roles. Various people fulfilled different roles, and Maree Stace ably assumed the role of Services Co-ordinator for a few years until March 2017. The Trust was once more in crisis, but in reaching out to our supports Karen Holmes and Averil Ewart Jones, joined the remaining trustee Gaye White and set about restoring P.A.T.H.S.. All roles became voluntary once more. Carolina Gnad took on the admin role and Phil Gnad acted as Treasurer. In September 2018 Karen Holmes left the Trust to pursue other paths, and in March 2019 Carolina and Phil will be leaving P.A.T.H.S. This means we will be looking for new people to fill key roles.


The purposes of P.A.T.H.S. are to provide an effective community service for post-abortion healing (for recent or past abortion / termination experiences), information on post-abortion / termination issues and networking with relevant interest groups and allied health professionals.

Aims & Goals:

(i)       COUNSELLING & SUPPORT local & national

   Provide an 0800 free call service for access to P.A.T.H.S.

  Co-ordinate trained specialised face to face counselling. Note: in addition to post abortion/termination trauma and loss counselling, counsellors are able to provide counselling  for other pregnancy-baby losses such as miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, adoption loss.

   Facilitate development of post-abortion/termination Support and Connect Groups

   Provide online support email and Facebook  

   Offer support for those working in the post-abortion/termination area

   Refer where appropriate to other counsellors / health professionals for assistance with other issues


 Offer talks about P.A.T.H.S. and its services

 Raise awareness on the possible physical & psycho-spiritual impacts of abortion / termination

  Facilitate seminars or training opportunities for those in health, counselling and pastoral roles on post   abortion / termination issues and healing

  Disseminate news & information on post-abortion issues: website, bi-annual newsletter, information booklet

  Promote P.A.T.H.S. services using pamphlets, flyers and bookmarks

  Network with others working in the same or related areas nationally and internationally


  Provide a Remembrance Service, upon request

  Offer prayer/karakia within counselling situations, meetings and gatherings where appropriate

  Maintain email network of prayer people who pray for the intentions of the organisation 

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