The key to moving on from the pain and loss is awareness and understanding  

  Presentations & Workshops 


Presentations would be for an hour to an hour and a half long.

They generally focus on the possible impacts of abortion, the healing process and the services of P.A.T.H.S..

We are keen for any opportunity talk to groups about P.A.T.H.S. and the work that we do.


These can be for a half day or a whole day and would be tailored to the particular group.

Workshops can cover a range of post-abortion aspects including

  • understanding the context of abortion in NZ

  • the spectrum of belief and how that affects the way we talk around the issues

  • an overview of foetal development

  • abortion methods and processes

  • a holistic look at the possible effects of abortion on the individual and relationships

  • tasks, issues and outline of a healing programme

Upcoming Seminars

Comments from previous WORKSHOPS

September 2014 - Christchurch Seminar

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic I thought the recent Christchurch PATHS seminar was.

It was an event that really moved me. I am a counsellor and have been to other similar seminars, all of which have been more expensive and less impactful than yours.

The seminar is very well paced over two days and presents great information, as well as allowing for participants to do some self-exploration and sharing. It is only as deep as you want to go and everyone in the group is very supportive. So for me this felt very safe.

I think your seminar offers a wonderful sharing and learning experience that could help two different groups of people - those who have experienced abortion and those who help support people, who have experienced abortion.

For me I think it was a place that helped me self-validate my feelings and really start to understand how my thoughts and emotions were affecting me. So often abortion is a hidden secret that people donít want to share and it is so great that there is an organisation like P.A.T.H.S. where people can talk about abortion without fear of judgment or persecution.

(Hamish Webb - Professional Counsellor/Coach)

March 2011 - hosted by Pregnancy Counselling Services in Auckland

"I was privileged to attend this workshop. The aim was to prepare participants to be able to counsel those who have had an abortion experience whether they are post-abortive women, or their relatives or friends.

As participants we gained insight into the influences on a pregnant woman who may be considering an abortion, the decision-making process involved and the possible impact of an abortion experience on a woman, her family and friends. We were also taught basic counselling skills and the knowledge was put into practice during role plays.

I found this comprehensive workshop to be very informative and extremely practical and relevant. Carolina's relaxed but sensitive style, and her genuinely warm, caring manner, was supportive as we explored this delicate topic." - Denise

"I had the privilege of attending the recent Pregnancy Counselling Services hosted training with Carolina from P.A.T.H.S. It was good to see a range of ages and a couple of males too.

Carolina spoke well and we all did a bit of role playing regarding someone phoning for help who had had an abortion.

I also shared my personal story, the lovely song "Little Button" and a 15 minute documentary of my husband and I sharing some of our story, to bring more understanding of the aftermath of abortion and the journey of healing."  - Marina Young (Buttons Project)

For more information or to arrange a presentation or workshop

Phone or email admin@postabortionpaths.org.nz

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